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Frequently Asked Questions

For Transgender Individuals

Q. What kind of training can I expect from you?
A. We primarily focus upon common areas like English communication, basic computer, corporate etiquette that are  almost always prerequisites for employment in modern workplaces. Besides making an individual ready to take on any job, our training programs also aim to boost the confidence and resilience of a person.

Q. How much will the training and/or placement programs cost to me?

A. Nothing. All our services for transgender individuals are provided free of charge.

Q. Is enrolling in the training programs mandatory?
A. It depends. If during our candidate screening process we determine that someone needs to undergo training first then it is compulsory for them to go through the same before availing placement assistance from us.


Q. How long will it take for me to get placed after completing the training programs?

A. This will vary upon various factors like open positions in our clients, your academic qualifications and skills etc. However, rest assured that we will always try our best to place you in a job as early as 10-15 days from the completion of training.

Q. Do you provide 100% placement guarantee?

A. While we always strive to make sure that each transgender person who consults us for placement opportunities find employment as soon as possible, we cannot offer 100% placement guarantee.


Q. Will you disclose my identity to friends/family/society?

A. Your identity and personal information will only be known to the members of our core team and we follow stringent security practices to keep them confidential. Should there be a need for you to go through our training programs, our trainers will need to access some of your basic personal information in order to facilitate the training. Some of our trusted interns may also be granted access to your basic data if we are in good faith that doing so is necessary for them to assist us in our work. Additionally, employers will be able to access the data necessary for them to find suitable positions for you. However, upon your request we will remove personally identifiable information e.g. your name, gender identity, contact info etc. from your resume before sharing them with our clients to ensure maximum confidentiality. For more information, refer to our privacy policy.

For Corporates

Q. Can you give us an idea of the talent pool?
A. We are in touch with a diverse group of transgender persons coming from across the whole country and accordingly our talent pool varies widely. Our candidates list ranges from 10th/12th (sometimes even less) pass individuals to HR managers, graphic designers, marketers, B.Tech. graduates, engineers etc. and everyone in between. We have both fresher college graduates and highly experienced professionals, all looking for inclusive employment opportunities.


Q. What is the flow structure of your referral process?
A. Our candidates go through strict in-house screening process for the purposes of evaluating skills and commitment. We perform background verification and also facilitate various training programs designed to enhance their skill set, professionalism etc. We will refer candidates only after ensuring their reliability and aptitude.


Q. What happens when a candidate quits?

A. If due to some unforeseen circumstances, should a candidate’s employment term with your organization comes to an end within 60 days of placement then rest assured that we will provide a replacement candidate within 30 days or completely refund the hiring charges.


Q. How does sensitization benefit us?
A. Sensitization eases your journey to inclusion as an organization. It guides you on implementing diversity and inclusion best practices and helps your entire workforce become more empathetic across all levels, reaching HR managers & leadership and even security personnel. A safe and inclusive workplace, the direct outcome of thorough sensitization will increase overall organizational productivity and also improve your market standing.


Q. What are our options for hosting sensitization workshops?

A. First of all, thank you for considering sensitization workshops. Please contact us through any of our channels to avail a brochure outlining the various sensitization plans that are available. Please also take note that we are open for collaboration to create an unique sensitization plan suiting your specific needs.


Q. How much does hosting sensitization workshops cost?

A. Costs vary depending on the opted sensitization plans. Please contact us for a quotation.

Key Pride Dates

LGBTQIA+ Inclusion Checklist

  • Pronoun and Name Usage - Respect preferred pronouns (e.g. - She/Her, He/Him, They/Them, She/They etc.) and preferred names of individuals. Consider adding your pronouns to your official email signature. However, ensure confidentiality and do not disclose an individual's preferred pronouns and names without their permission.​​

  • Gender Neutrality & Inclusivity - Try to use gender neutral language as much as possible in your official documents such as - policy documents, job descriptions etc.

  • Inclusive Hiring - Ensure unbiased hiring even if it goes against your internal judgements.

  • Restroom Usage - You can not only build gender neutral restrooms but also set an example by using them yourself.

  • Policy & Infrastructural Changes - The policy should specifically state the prohibition of discrimination on the account of gender identity, sexual orientation and gender expression in any aspect of employment, including but not limited to hiring, promotion, or renumeration. Consider creating an internal cell to address related grievances.

  • Fostering LGBTQIA+ Allyship - When an LGBTQIA+ person discloses their identity to you, be sure to keep their trust. Do not disclose their identity without their permission or ask intrusive personal questions.

Please note that the pointers given above are extremely basic in nature so as to maintain brevity. PeriFerry offers detailed guidelines and consultations for a thorough implementation of D&I culture in your organization.

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