• Basic and Advanced computer

  • English communication

  • Soft skills and life skills

  • Grooming and etiquette

  • Negotiation and personal finance management

  • Entrepreneurial skill training



Trans Inn is a short stay home for homeless, runway, distressed trans persons seeking life support and job opportunities. 


Staying true to our goal of ferrying a person on the ‘fringe’ to their desired destinations, the ultimate aim of this project will be to make its beneficiaries ready to take on their dreams whether that is a dignified job or a venture into a business of their own. 

Donations: We're seeking donations to provide for the upcoming facility in Bangalore. You can donate items such as:

  • Guest training sessions

  • Stationery kits

  • Mattresses, Tables & Chairs, Computers

  • Kitchen Appliances

  • Food Raw Materials: Rice, wheat, grains, spices etc.

  • Police and Legal Assistance

  • Clothing, Grooming Items

  • Newspapers & Magazines




A - 68 (Petro Business House),

11th Street, Anna Nagar East,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu,


Pincode : 600102

NOTICE: PeriFerry does not charge the transgender community for any of it's services. Any person charging in the name of PeriFerry must be reported to us immediately.

If you have come across any such persons or entities charging on our name, please contact us at connect@periferry.com to report it. Thank you.

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