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LGBTQ+ Sensitization Programs

Experience Zone

Carnival? Games? Experiential Learning? Fun?? Happily, our experience zones blend them all.


An entirely new approach to LGBTQIA+ sensitization, experience zones throw boredom of sit-through lectures out of the window and replace it with engaging education through its various aptly named booths like In-situ, Connections, Ring-A-Thing, Guess Who, Spin The Wheel etc.


Oh and did we mention Phot booth? A place of pure fun with its complete collection of props, you need to take that pride selfie!

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Training and Placement Programs for Trangender Community

Trans Inn by PeriFerry is an effort to create livelihood opportunities for transgender persons with the help of inclusive residence and training interventions.


Sponsored by ANZ, Trans Inn Anannya set up in Bangalore, upskilled over 90+ transgender persons and helped over 75 of them gain meaningful employment over the past 10 months. 


Hear from our residents on their experiences! If you prefer to read, download the Impact Report!