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Although our classic Indian historical texts (e.g. the concept of Ardhanarishvara) and architectures (e.g. depictions in the Ajanta & Ellora caves) recognise the transgender community and notes their importance and talents, the general society of present India has a long way to go before the transgender persons will be seen as an equal part of the society across all levels.

There was a need to create an exclusive solution designed from the ground up to address this scenario and uplift the socio-economic standing of the Transgender community. It was that need that made Neelam Jain, a then 22 year old Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs, submit a proposal to her team via an internal competition for social impact. 

Ideas in that proposal eventually became the first blueprint out of which PeriFerry was born. After year of doing field work, PeriFerry was founded in 2017.

PeriFerry continues to work and create equal opportunities for the Trans community through Employment and Training. PeriFerry may have evolved from its first office being nothing more than a shade under the tree in a public park to having offices across Chennai & Bangalore, but what really sets the team apart is the impact they set to create every single day. 

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Meet Our Team

Advisory Committee Members

Our Values


We are responsible in our interactions with our community, our partners, and also ourselves. We understand the impact of our actions and how they demand us to maintain accountability. Taking responsibility of our goal is a crucial element that enables us to deliver a positive change.


We don't just empower the trans community, we also empower our very own selves through our work. Each of us leads by purpose and is enabled to take decisions for it is empowered teams that create empowered organizations.


Being agile is an essential requirement to address the different challenges concerning the trans community. Rigidity is not an option and unlearning is just as important as learning. It is by being agile one gains the flexibility to adapt to an ever-changing world.


We are all different individuals but we all are in this together. Our focus is to embrace our differences while working in synergy.


We are committed to honour the trust that you put in us. We understand that trust is not given but it is earned. All our services are designed to keep your trust and grow our relationship with you.

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