Neelam Jain
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Passionate about making a difference to the transgender community, Neelam started-up PeriFerry after her two year stint with Goldman Sachs. Her goal is to ferry the community towards their passion and help them find their footing in this world.

She is also a TEDx speaker and advocates LGBTQI+ inclusion at the workplace and the academia.

Nisha S.
Nisha S.
Data Expert

Making sense of of large volumes of data and documentation at PeriFerry, Nisha thoroughly supports the front end team making their jobs easier. She also manages marketing and external communications with finesse and perfection.


Outside work, she loves exploring all things art, travel and trendy designs!

Nishant Agarwal
Chief HR Officer

Fast paced and rational, Nishant is dedicated to handling our operations throughout the country. He helps the firm accomplish their most cumbersome and daunting tasks seamlessly.

He has also spoken on Trans inclusion at the INK Salon Talks and is often found with his cameras indicative of his passion towards photography. 

Sahil Patel
HR Associate

Sahil efficiently builds community relationships and facilitates our external events and new projects. His allegiance towards work goes a long way in making our events successful.

His keen interest in entrepreneurship and fostering impactful businesses makes him a value-ad in the team.

Trishala S. PeriFerry
Trishala S.
Diversity Consultant

With Masters in Human Resources from MSSW, Trishala truly reflects the spirit of PeriFerry - Empathy. She is dedicated to seamlessly connecting trans community with our clients and helping with smooth transition into workplace.

She enjoys painting, dancing and also writes in her leisure time.


Sadhana Sekhar
Company Advisor

Accredited CXO/Exec Coach, CEO & MD - Zeus Mentors/Platinum Infosystems - Sadhana is a thoughtful, practical & humane coach/advisor to the company. Her involvement in NASSCOM Foundation as SI Diversity & Inclusion head is a boon to us.


Community Consultant

With over 12 years of living and working for the welfare of transgender community, Nila comes with high understanding of the people that we serve at PeriFerry. Her calm & pleasant demeanor helps the organization engage with community seamlessly.


She believes that everyone deserves a chance at making their life beautiful.





A - 68 (Petro Business House),

11th Street, Anna Nagar East,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu,



Pincode : 600102