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Although our classic Indian historical texts (e.g. the concept of Ardhanarishvara) and architectures (e.g. depictions in the Ajanta & Ellora caves) recognise the Transgender community and notes their importance and talents, the general society of present India has a long way to go before the Transgender persons will be seen as an equal part of the society across all levels.

Social stigma and discrimination often result in most members of the Transgender community being forced to engage in begging and/or sex work to earn their living. Even those members of the community who have mainstream employment are often afraid to 'come out' and live their true identities.

There was a need to create an exclusive solution designed from the ground up to address this scenario and uplift the socio-economic standing of the Transgender community. It was that need that made Neelam Jain, a then 22 year old Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs, submit a proposal to her team via an internal competition for social impact. When this proposal was not given the go ahead, Neelam decided to leave her job.


It is Neelam's passion and the ideas in that proposal eventually became the first blueprint out of which PeriFerry was born. Neelam quit from Goldman Sachs in 2016 and spent more than a year doing field work before ultimately founding PeriFerry in 2017.

Till date, Neelam and her team continues to work and create equal opportunities for the Trans community through Employment and Training. PeriFerry may have evolved from its first office being nothing more than a shade under the tree in a public park to having a backend workspace with 3 dedicated rooms, but our vision remains the same.

Neelam Jain
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Founder and
Chief Executive Officer

Core Team

Nishant Agarwal
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Chief Operating Officer

Nishant is dedicated to handling our operations throughout the country - He is fast paced and a complete task master. He helps the firm accomplish their most cumbersome and daunting operations seamlessly. 

He has also spoken on Trans inclusion at the INK Salon Talks and is often found with his cameras indicative of his passion towards photography.

Sahil Patel
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HR Associate

Sahil efficiently builds community relationships and facilitates our external events and new projects. His allegiance towards work goes a long way in making our events successful.

His keen interest in entrepreneurship and fostering impactful businesses makes him a value-ad in the team.

Aisirii S.
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Operations Associate

Making sense of of large volumes of data and documentation at PeriFerry, Aisirii thoroughly supports the front end team making their jobs easier. She also manages marketing and external communications with finesse and perfection.


Outside work, she loves exploring all things art, travel and trendy designs!

Community Partners

Neysara Rai

Neysara is one of India's best-known transgender rights activists. She is the first transwoman from the country to be included at the prestigious Hall of Nations in the John F Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC.


She is the founder of Transgender India, a pioneering online help and support platform for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

Simran Arora
Community Consultant | NBCFDC under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India


Simran is a firm believer in the power of education. As one of the very few trans women in India who has been able to find acceptance within the family and the society, Simran is now relentlessly working to make a positive difference to the Trans community and is constantly helping her fellow community members to venture into the mainstream.




A - 68 (Petro Business House),

11th Street, Anna Nagar East,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu,


Pincode : 600102

NOTICE: PeriFerry does not charge the transgender community for any of it's services. Any person charging in the name of PeriFerry must be reported to us immediately.

If you have come across any such persons or entities charging on our name, please contact us at to report it. Thank you.

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