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Neelam Jain
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Pronouns: She/Her
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With a vision of enabling every trans person to be financially independent & every corporate to become LGBTQ+ inclusive - Neelam is dedicated to scaling the organisation and it's reach. 

She is also committed to driving our fast growing L&D services vertical. 


Although our classic Indian historical texts (e.g. the concept of Ardhanarishvara) and architectures (e.g. depictions in the Ajanta & Ellora caves) recognise the transgender community and notes their importance and talents, the general society of present India has a long way to go before the transgender persons will be seen as an equal part of the society across all levels.

There was a need to create an exclusive solution designed from the ground up to address this scenario and uplift the socio-economic standing of the Transgender community. It was that need that made Neelam Jain, a then 22 year old Financial Analyst at Goldman Sachs, submit a proposal to her team via an internal competition for social impact. 


It is Neelam's passion and the ideas in that proposal eventually became the first blueprint out of which PeriFerry was born. Neelam quit from Goldman Sachs in 2016 and spent more than a year doing field work before ultimately founding PeriFerry in 2017.

Till date, Neelam and her team continue to work and create equal opportunities for the Trans community through Employment and Training. PeriFerry may have evolved from its first office being nothing more than a shade under the tree in a public park to having offices across Chennai & Bangalore, but what really sets the team apart is the impact they set to create every single day. 

Founder and CEO

Core Team Members

Nishant Agarwal
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Co-Partner & Chief Operating Officer
Pronouns: He/Him

A dedicated problem solver, Nishant comes with 8+ years of work experience in managing & scaling his family owned business. He is now committed to overseeing our India wide recruitment operations and integrating our clients and community seamlessly.


An avid photographer and design lover, Nishant occasionally enjoys the same.

Preety Mehra
Community Lead
Pronouns: She/Her

Our community guide and counsellor, Preety has worked extensively for the rights of the transgender community for over 10+ years. She comes from the experience of working as a peer counsellor and field manager in various NGOs.


Preety loves cooking and in her free time enjoys experimenting with her culinary skills.

Mohanapriya Murugesan
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Operations Analyst

The youngest member of our team, Mohana has already acquired a lot of experience in the D&I space. Her finesse in managing our external communications is as great as is her brilliance in developing our LGBTQIA+ sensitization programs in coordination with our founder, Neelam. Her allyship with the LGBTQIA+ community is something we all can learn from. When not drenched by a torrential flow of emails, she enjoys taking pictures of those little random moments of life that many of us give a miss.

D. Saran
HR Associate

Saran assists in our transgender hiring efforts and community correspondence including sourcing, onboarding, and profile matching. He also has a good rapport with the trans men community and inspires his community brothers in their journeys of being their true selves.


Saran's free times are mostly spent by him practicing various dance moves and creating Insta reels! 

Pronouns: He/Him
Pronouns: She/Her

Community Partners

Neysara Rai
Pronouns: She/They

Neysara is one of India's best known transgender rights activists. She is the first trans women from the country to be included in the prestigious Hall of Nations in the John F. Kennedy Centre for Performing Arts - Washington D.C., USA.

She is the founder of Transgender India, a pioneering online help and support platform for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals.

Simran Arora
Community Consultant | NBCFDC under the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Govt. of India
Pronouns: She/Her

Simran is firm believer in the power of education. As one of the very few trans women in India who has been able to find acceptance within the family and the society, Simran is now relentlessly working to make a positive difference to the trans community and is constantly helping her fellow community members to venture into the mainstream.