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PeriFerry Foundation


PeriFerry Foundation is Section 8 Non-Profit entity on the mission to empower the transgender community through mentoring and upskilling programs. We work with our CSR partners in implementing upskilling and livelihood solutions for the transgender community in India.

How we engage with our CSR partners and supporters...

CSR partners sponsor Trans Inn batches

Each batch of Revive Core in Trans Inn is enabled by CSR grants. Sponsor one or multiple batches.

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We're raising funds towards building our own Trans Inn centre

Issues such as discrimination from landlords and high rent costs disrupt our operations and drain our resources.


As a result, we are currently fundraising towards building our own Trans Inn centre to streamline our operations and better utilise our resources towards empowering the trans community. Negotiations with our sponsors and partners are ongoing.

Photo on the left: Our founder talking about the planned Trans Inn centre during the REVIVE Forum 2023.

Volunteers welcome!

Our corporate partners also engage with us in volunteering for Revive Core batches. This not only promotes direct interactions with the community, but it also exposes our trainees to the corporate world.

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Support options through kind service

Trans Inn and Revive livelihood creation program heavily use donated items such as training materials, laptops, chairs & tables. These enable us to provide our community with the necessary equipment to upskill themselves. For e.g., donated laptops are used to facilitate digital literacy training.

Looking for ways to connect and establish a meaningful partnership for social good?

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