Around the world, the Trans rights to equal opportunities and inclusion have been a timeless struggle.
Our deep-rooted and accustomed approach to equality remained unquestioned and unmoved for years.


With over 50 lakhs transgender people, PeriFerry – India’s first ever social start-up for transgender upliftment,

stands strong since 2017; to be the voice of change and of unheard stories.


The choice is up to us as individuals on whether to make the society or break it,

and we, the team of PeriFerry, have chosen to make the society of equal opportunities.

  • Basic and Advanced computer

  • English communication

  • Soft skills and life skills

  • Grooming and etiquette

  • Negotiation and personal finance management

  • Entrepreneurial skill training

  • Driving


(for more details please contact us through any of the available means)

  • Play – Monologue performances by professionally trained Trans artists, who share their life story & struggles through the form of theater art

  • Experience Zone – A carnival celebrating self-expression. Available are various fun & engaging activities all designed to spread awareness about the LGBTQIA+ community

  • Experiential learning – Direct learning about the community issues through firsthand interaction with the members

  • Q&A, Orientation & human libraries – A safe place to interact with community members to gain insights while also addressing taboo topics like gender identity and sexual orientation through the Gender Bear mascot. Also provided are guidelines for building AN inclusive work environments

(for more details please contact us to obtain a brochure detailing available sensitization plans)






A - 68 (Petro Business House),

11th Street, Anna Nagar East,

Chennai, Tamil Nadu,



Pincode : 600102