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From the PeriFerry to the Center

To be trans in India, is most often accompanied by familial conflict, social stigma and polarization, and a lack of opportunities and support – forcing those who come out as transgender to the fringes of society.

PeriFerry has derived its roots and name from this very phenomenon – to be at the edge. Founded in 2017 by Neelam Jain, PeriFerry is the first-of-its-kind social enterprise in India that creates employment and upskilling opportunities for the transgender community. The organization also enables and promotes LGBTQIA+ inclusion in the workplace by providing corporate consulting services that are humane in approach.

Curating Workplace Inclusivity  

PeriFerry’s two-pronged approach has been to not only prepare trans people for the workplace, but to co-create work spaces that are truly inclusive and nurturing towards the LGBT+ community. As a consulting partner, we offer a variety of services and workshops tailored to your requirements.


Are you looking to expand your LGBTQ+ inclusion footprint in the workplace? Collaborate with us now! Write to us at

Our Approach



Our programs are curated in consultation with and co led by people from the LGBTQ+ community, and draw heavily from their lived experiences.



PeriFerry’s nuanced approach is to integrate two unique players – the corporates and the LGBTQIA+ community, hence providing services that are scalable and impactful.



What you see is what you get - we are honest about what we can offer and will always prioritize your needs - recommending strategies if they're not within our scope of work.

Trans Upskilling and Empowerment 

PeriFerry positions itself as a safe space for the trans community – where they are able to avail financial and social support, upskill themselves and explore employment opportunities. Through our programs like REVIVE we create job opportunities for the communities within the corporate sector.


Are you looking to expand your LGBTQ+ inclusion footprint in the workplace? Collaborate with us now! Write to us at


Are you a trans person looking for inclusive job opportunities? Write to us or call us at -+91 9080326525

Blogs and Stories

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Of social enterprises and sustainability: PeriFerry’s founder Neelam Jain discusses the organization’s unique methodology and documents her journey from conceptualization to implementation.

Upskilling trans community through COVID-19 | An up-hill battle

When COVID-19 hit us in March 2020, one of the most difficult realities we had to live through was knowing the drastic impact it would have on the trans community.

Inclusive Society for Transgender Community | TEDxCovelong

In India, the most common form of livelihood for the trans women community is begging or sex work. Neelam Jain, a social entrepreneur shares her views on the upliftment of the transgender community in India.

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If you have come across any such persons or entities charging on our name, please contact us at to report it. Thank you.

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