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Familial conflict, social stigma, and a lack of opportunities and support - these are the forces that often push a transgender person to the fringes of the society.

Deriving our name from this very phenomenon - being at the edge - we at PeriFerry take a two-pronged approach to not only facilitate livelihood opportunities to the transgender community but to also co-create workplaces that are truly inclusive and nurturing to all LGBTQIA+ individuals.

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Trans Persons



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*As on July 2024.

Our Method

Centred on the Community

Our programs are curated in consultation with and co led by people from the LGBTQ+ community, and draw heavily from their lived experiences.

Bridging Two Very Unique Worlds

PeriFerry’s nuanced approach is to integrate two unique players: the corporates and the LGBTQIA+ community; hence providing services that are scalable and impactful.


What you see is what you get: we are honest about what we can offer and will always prioritize your needs. Get suggestions if they're not within our scope of work.

Program Highlights

Revive logo.png

REVIVE is a one-of-a-kind Residential Corporate Training Program designed for Transgender individuals to venture into the world of work with confidence and acceptance.
Training topics include - Professional English Communication, Digital Literacy, Financial Literacy, Soft Skills, Life Skills, Aptitude Enhancement, Resume Building, Interview preparation and more.

REVIVE is suitable for both offline and online modes of training and the curriculum can be customised to suit specific needs.

Trans Inn logo.png

Founding Sponsor:

Trans Inn is the first-of-its-kind short stay home for homeless, runaway, distressed trans persons seeking life support and job opportunities.

REVIVE forms the core part of the Trans Inn experience by providing corporate training while Trans Inn enables a nurturing environment for trans persons to upskill themselves and grow.

Trans Inn was first launched on July 08, 2021 in Bengaluru and has continued its operations since then.

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Find a job in a workplace where you truly belong!

Inclusion is important. Implement it with us.

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