Note from the Team

The COVID-19 outbreak has created an unprecedented situation for everyone. The nationwide lockdown and the WHO recommended safety protocols have made us rethink how we can continue what we do.
Illustrated below is how PeriFerry is responding to the COVID-19 outbreak and delivering impact to both our corporate partners and our community.
Currently, we are providing our diversity hiring services through online only. Though digital meeting platforms like Google Meet, Zoom, Cisco etc., we are connecting with both job seekers from the Transgender community and the HR personnel from our corporate partners. We have also established mechanisms for prioritised email support and are continuously working to deliver you the same quality service you have come to expect from us over the years.
We have also taken the best bits from our sensitization workshops and have brought in new ideas to design new online workforce LGBTQ+ sensitization plans that will continue to drive inclusivity and empathy.
Please refer below for the various types of online sensitization plans available. 
A safe space where you can have unfiltered conversations with human books on topics that are not often discussed. 
Every human book from the shelf is actually an individual in their whole selves, individuals who have been subjected to prejudice or discrimination because of their lifestyle or gender identity and expression or sexual orientation. Come in, experience diversity and inclusion first hand.

Let's Talk LGBT

Hosted as a talk show with a prominent and lively LGBTQ+ leader, Let's Talk LGBT Iis an opportunity to listen to first hand insight from an Influencer.
From sharing ground realities to global perspective, answering questions related to the Indian context of LGBTQ Inclusion. This program is set to make LGBTQ inclusion the culture of your organisation

Human Library

An online session on a range of topics to help prepare your organization in its LGBTQ+ Inclusion journey.
Learn the terminologies, understand why LGBTQ+ inclusion matters in India, implement best practises and more! A power packed workshop to walk the talk on Inclusion. 

Online Carnival

Learning can be fun! Don't believe us?
Bring your team!
We are ready to challenge you online! Learn the terms, stories, best practises, and more - through games and fun! 


Online Course on LGBT

A 3 part e-learning course to enable mass inclusion and awareness.
License from us this one time course to drive deep and meaningful insights of the LGBTQ+ community in India, workplace impact of inclusion, solve case studies and become a good Ally.

COVID-19 Relief Work

The COVID-19 outbreak and the nationwide lockdown has hit hard on the lives of the Transgender community. PeriFerry has been working with organizations and donors to bring relief and medical support to some of the most affected Transgender community members in and around.
We have also assisted a few organizations in other cities facilitate relief materials to the most affected trans community members in those cities.


Ration Kits provided to Trans community members in Tamil Nadu


Total Funds Raised


Transgender persons connected for DBT via NISD