Learn | Grow | Achieve

REVIVE is a one-of-a-kind Residential Corporate Training Program designed for Transgender individuals to venture into the world of work with confidence and acceptance.
Training topics include - Computer literacy, English communication, Soft Skills, Interview preparation and more..


Shelter | Upskill | Uplift

Trans Inn is a short stay home for homeless, runway, distressed trans persons seeking life support and job opportunities. 


Staying true to our goal of ferrying a person on the ‘fringe’ to their desired destinations, the ultimate aim of this project is to make its beneficiaries ready to take on their dreams whether that is a dignified job or a venture into a business of their own.


REVIVE with ANZ was launched on Oct 2019 with the support from the ANZ Bank. 25 people were provided a whole month of safe shelter and were trained by the Revive Team.
This program was a massive success achieving 100% placement through an inclusive job fair where MNCs like - Walmart, Accenture, Vodafone, Societe Generale, Deutsche Bank, ANZ, Landmark Group selected Trans individuals for different roles business wide.



The 2nd edition of REVIVE program - REVIVE with ThoughtWorks was conducted in February 2020.


Till date, 80 percent of its total 40 member cohort have been placed in a variety of roles across different corporates.

Participating corporates in the trans inclusive job fair were - Amazon, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, The Landmark Group, Accenture, ANZ Bank, Bayer, IBM, The Lemon Tree Hotels, Taj Hotels, Vodafone, Vindhya Infotech and the host ThoughtWorks.


Process Flow




Identifying Beneficiaries

Sheltering & Upskilling

'Ferrying' into the Mainstream

We identify needy community members through various mechanisms like Field Visits, Online & Offline Referrals, Direct Contacts etc.

Individuals will be sheltered for 30-60 days (max 90 days) with 3 times per day food provision free of cost and will be providing employment training.

As residents complete their training, PeriFerry will help them successfully pursue mainstream jobs orother livelihoods 

TransINN is powered by your donations

Donate surplus items from your home. From furniture and electrical items to essential ration items,
Every Little Bit Helps!

Your donations matter.

TransINN is India's first true all under one roof solution that will tackle some very root issues of the Transgender community and will propel them towards sustainability.
Your donations will bring this project to life and will deeply impact many trans individuals.

A volunteer backed mentorship platform to build next-gen Transgender Professionals

Through Prajña, PeriFerry will partner with organisations and individuals to seek mentors to Support, Nurture and Guide - trans people. This could be from Tech, IT, Business, Communication and other professional backgrounds.

This mentorship will contribute in helping the Trans individuals pursue livelihoods in various domains.

Launch Partner



Through Prajña, we hope to open many more doors for Trans persons in our workplaces, it's very much needed today. I am also hopeful of seeing an increase in allyship and the drive to positive social change through Prajña.

- Tina Vinod

Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Social Change Lead - ThoughtWorks India

ThoughtWorks India as part of its D&I/Social Change efforts is supporting PeriFerry to design & launch “Prajña”.

ThoughtWorks is also the first corporate participant of "Prajña".

We are pleased to have received applications from over 80 ThoughtWorkers till date all whom have expressed a keen interest serving the role of a mentor in "Prajña".

What our mentors say

I consider myself to be a strong and proud ally of the LGBTQ community, both at work and personal life.


But I must confess, there are moments where my stereotypes (subconsciously built) overshadow my intent to be an unbiased ally. The only way I can continue to be a proud ally is by accepting, regretting and being apologetic of my unintended bias and discrimination.


This season of celebrating Pride, it is time for us allies to come out and confess our limitations and recommit to this journey of Allyship, as a journey towards our own emancipation from the biases and stereotypes.


#Proud to be an Ally...

Suman Ramachandra

ThoughtWorker and a Prajña Mentor